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Animal Communication

For the past few years I've been studying animal communication with various teachers, including beginner, intermediate and advanced study with Animal Talk Africa. After completing so many activities, animal communication sessions and submitted case studies, I now offer my services to you!

What is Animal Communication?

These 2 videos provide great insights into animal communication...

How I Work

I work remotely, contacting the animal through a loving and respectful telepathic connection. I receive messages from the animals and record them and share them with you. I first allow the animal to discuss whatever he/she would like to communicate, then I ask any outstanding questions that you might have. I then share the communication with you via email (written report or audio recording), or you may request a zoom session with me to discuss the communication. 

My Areas of Specialty


Over the past few years, most of my animal communication has been for vegan people with vegan pets, though the method of connecting with all animals is the same. I've communicated with chicken people, horse folk, a fascinating pigeon, a llama, whale, birds, spiders and so on. I do have a very soft spot for dogs and cats, like most people! I also love communicating with deceased animals because they have so much love to share.


I have had vegan dogs for about 15 years. I studied plant-based dog nutrition via (among other books and scientific studies) Dr Arielle Griffiths' online course. I do tend to attract a lot of vegans and love to work with them. If you have a vegan dog or cat, you don't need to hide this from me. I know quite a few people tend to not tell animal communicators this for fear of any judgement! For some brilliant resources on plant-based diets for dogs (including 2 free e-books) please scroll to the end of the page!

I often receive spiritual insights that the animals wish to share with you, and information that they wish to convey about your well-being, and information that may assist you in life with struggles and challenges that you may be facing. 

Animals are our soul partners in this life, and often they come here to dedicate their life and their love to us, so quite often they share information to help you. They do this in such a beautiful way, free of judgement, and without revealing any secrets to me. They are master communicators, and often masters in tact and gentleness. 

I also provide free animal communication for animal sanctuaries.

I have limited experience in helping to find lost animals. I would say that this is not my specialty especially if the animal is in a country that is unfamiliar to me. While I am happy to assist with this, please be aware that not all animals want to come home. Sometimes they leave or disappear for a while (especially cats) to help us in some way, or if they are displeased. It can be difficult to work with the heightened emotions that come with missing animals, so I recommend finding another animal communicator for this. If you are stuck I am happy to assist to the best of my abilities. But please note, my experience here may be less well-developed than other animal communicators who specialize in this particular area. I recommend this easy-to-read book if your beloved animal has gone missing. It's called Where is Biggles by Wynter Worsthorne and gives a great visualization exercise for helping to guide your animal home. 

Please note that I usually don't do animal communication consultations if someone other than the animal's carer/guardian/mom/dad requests it. I've found that I don't necessarily get as detailed information when the request is made by a third party and that the information conveyed may not be valued or actioned by the caregiver. Hence, the animal's caregiver must be the one to request the communication and this is also a very ethical and honest approach to my work. If your friend or loved one has had animal communication sessions in the past and values them, then I am happy for a session to be gifted to them if you wish to give this as a gift.


How to Book A Session 

Please email me to check my availability and describe your needs.

I will advise you of my availability and request that you complete the form below and email it to me. Payment is via PayPal.

Once I receive your form and payment, you will usually receive your report of the communication in 5 - 7 days. I usually spend at least one hour in communication with the beloved animal. I begin by tuning in with them and allowing them to share what they wish to share, and then asking them questions that you would like receive answers to.


Fee structure:

  • Remote Animal Communication with audio report emailed to you: $85 AUD (about $56 US dollars)- this includes a follow up email answering questions about the communication if you wish to clarify anything from the communication.

  • Remote Animal Communication with typed report emailed to you: $105 AUD (about $69 US dollars) - this also includes a follow up email answering questions about the communication if you wish to clarify anything from the communication.

  • Non-profit Animal sanctuaries - free.

    These prices are quite low for an animal communication session as I don't want price to be a barrier to assisting animals. The process usually takes me from 2 to 3 hours each session. If cost is difficult for you but you are in need, please reach out to me so that we can arrange a solution to help you and your beloved animal. 

Please complete this form & email it to me 

Feedback from Consultations...

"My mind is blown, absolutely blown. I'm in awe. I know that animals, especially dogs are attuned to emotions and have good intuition but to have a human translate that to me on such a personal level is amazing. Thank you so much for this opportunity - the messages are a gift that I shall treasure forever."

- N. (Australia)

Plant-Based Dogs: Resources

- Free e-book: Plant-Based Nutrition for Dogs by Wild Earth.

- Free e-book: Raising A Happy, Healthy, Plant-Based Dog
   by THE PACK


- Vegan vet advice to make homemade plant-based dog

    food (excellent chart) by Just Be Kind
    ~ Dr Arielle Griffiths


- Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course
   by Dr Arielle Griffiths

- YouTube channel by Professor Andrew Knight (plant-
  based dogs advocate). Playlist here.
  He is veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics,
  and Founding Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare
  at the University of Winchester.

- Online Show: Dog-People Thriving on the Vegan Diet (free
   to watch and download & with multi-language subtitles)


- Sustainable Pet Food info by Prof. Andrew Knight.

- Scientific research and presentations by Professor Andrew Knight on plant-based dogs, plant-based cats and other animal-related topics

- The Plant-Powered Dog book by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

- Plant-Based Dogs Research Study by Dr Armaiti May (seeking financial donors) 


- Interview with Professor Andrew Knight
(with multi-language subtitles)

- Interview wit Dr Armaiti May - vegan veterinarian
   (with multi-language subtitles)



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