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Please email me to describe your needs and book my services. Further details will be provided upon enquiry.

Clarity Package

This coaching package consists of 6 counselling or coaching sessions, a basic strengths report and more! This package is a real self-love and self-transformation gift. 

Please contact me for further details.



Immersion Package

This coaching package consists of 10 counselling or coaching sessions. It includes a copy of the Kindle book Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life, a basic Strengths report and more. 

This package is such an empowering gift of self-transformation and self-appreciation. 


Please contact me for further details.


A one-off coaching or counselling is session for when you need to shine or need to shine a light on what is challenging you. 

These sessions usually go for about 90 minutes. 


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Children's Consultation Package

For children aged 5 to 12 years old. These counselling and coaching sessions are only available in person in the Western Sydney/NSW area of Australia. Children love Mind Kinetics Coaching with its playful qualities and fun methodologies. 

This package includes 5 coaching sessions - 4 sessions for the child and one initial session with the parent or guardian. This primes the parent for success and it is important for parents to experience the coaching that their child will also experience. 

I have a current working with children check/status.

This package can be obtained by emailing me with relevant details via my contact page. 

Please contact me for further details

Teens Consultation Package

Our youth are our future. And they face many challenges and pressures these days.

Having someone to talk to, and be a positive mentor or role model can be so beneficial during the teen years.

Instilling a sense of independent self-esteem, self-compassion, self-acceptance and leadership through coaching is an amazing gift for teenagers

Giving them the opportunity to have confidential sessions with an adult other than a parent is often a very welcome and liberating experience for these soon-to-be adults. This coaching package includes 5 coaching or counselling sessions.


Please contact me for further details

Gift Vouchers 

Personalized gift vouchers are available. The gift vouchers come stunningly presented as a digital file with the special person's name on it. 

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