My name is Eve and I am interested in leading a healthy lifestyle - "Mind, Body and Spirit" as they say - and assisting others to lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling, calm and empowered lives. 
I'm an Accredited Naturopath, Author of the book Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life, a Certified Power/Life Coach, and an experienced teacher (cooking classes, Naturopathy and Nutrition subjects, nutrition workshop facilitator). I have also completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and have a great interest in positive psychology. Please note that I am not taking on any new Naturopathic clients.
I provide an abundance of uplifting information in free newsletters (you are welcome to subscribe to these), in addition to the information presented in my book. I also provide Personal Coaching Services. Please click on the links below for further information...

How to overcome stress and create more calm