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The Latest Science:
Plant-Based Dogs

I've completed the plant-based dog nutrition course by Dr Arielle Griffiths and highly recommend it! Professor Andrew Knight has done a lot of research into plant-based diets for dogs in particular. Dr Arielle Griffiths has been championing education on this around the globe and shares many success stories of dogs thriving on the plant-based (vegan) diet, reversing disease and regaining health. Please see below for further resources and information.


- Free e-book: Plant-Based Nutrition for Dogs by Wild Earth.

- Free e-book: Raising A Happy, Healthy, Plant-Based Dog
   by THE PACK


- Vegan vet advice to make homemade plant-based dog

    food (excellent chart) by Just Be Kind
    ~ Dr Arielle Griffiths


- Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course
   by Dr Arielle Griffiths

- YouTube channel by Professor Andrew Knight (plant-
  based dogs advocate). Playlist here.
  He is veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics,
  and Founding Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare
  at the University of Winchester.

- Online Show: Dog-People Thriving on the Vegan Diet (free
   to watch and download & with multi-language subtitles)


- Sustainable Pet Food info by Prof. Andrew Knight.

- Scientific research and presentations by Professor Andrew Knight on plant-based dogs, plant-based cats and other animal-related topics

- The Plant-Powered Dog book by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

- Plant-Based Dogs Research Study by Dr Armaiti May (seeking financial donors) 


- Interview with Professor Andrew Knight
(with multi-language subtitles)

- Interview wit Dr Armaiti May - vegan veterinarian
   (with multi-language subtitles)


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