F E E L  G O O D  F O O D

The book Create Calm at Work Create Calm in Life also has a chapter dedicated to explaining how food affects us. The book explains how you can boost serotonin in the brain for less hyperactivity, anxiety, insomnia and depression. 


It describes weight-loss diets to steer clear of in order to avoid side-effects of depression, lethargy, foggy thinking and even shorter life-span. Strategies for healthy and sustainable weight loss are included with information to motivate and inspire you.


You will also learn which vitamins, minerals and supplements may help to ward off depression, increase your energy levels and boost your vitality! Click on the button above for some delicious recipes to get you started.


More recipes are available here and more simply stunning and delicious recipes are available here.


More research and evidence is available outlining how food affects our mood, sleep and wellbeing. Below are some links:







How to overcome stress and create more calm