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Using the specialised coaching method known as Power Coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® (PCMK®), I help to facilitate calm and deep peace within. The freedom that comes from truly having self-respect, self-value, self-worth and self-compassion can be so powerful and liberating, with profound effects on everyday functioning and flourishing, relationships, goal achievement and life satisfaction. 

W H A T  I S  C O A C H I N G ?

Coaching involves partnering with the client and asking questions that promote thought and insight. While providing much clarity and motivation, coaching is inspiring and empowering! I use a gentle and fluid style of coaching that is enjoyable and effective. It is suitable for children, teenagers and adults. Sessions may also involve some mentoring.
Reasons that people request coaching include:
  • Management of stress, anxiety and lack of motivation
  • Feeling overwhelmed and perplexed about how to overcome challenges
  • Difficult relationships (romantic relationships, work relationships, family relationships) 
  • A lack of self-love/belief/confidence
  • For assistance in overcoming roadblocks in order to achieve goals and be more successful  
  • For career purposes - interview coaching, assistance with resume writing, career transition and choosing a career
  • For health reasons - knowing what to do in order to be healthy isn't enough for many. Understanding why we continue in habits that are unhealthy can help to break the cycle to achieve healthy eating, weight loss, and implementing healthy habits
Coaching is all about the client! The client decides on what challenge, issue or goal they will work on. A good coach facilitates the session while keeping the client's goal and desired outcomes in mind and having unconditional positive regard towards the clients. In this way, the client can move forward with clarity, confidence and peace.
Click on the following links to read articles and journal papers containing information on benefits that may be associated with coaching:
The video below gives a very unique insight into coaching and how profound and powerful the benefits can be.
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