P L A N T - B A S E D - E A T I N G


F O R  P E O P L E . . . 

  • Adopting a plant-based diet (vegan, vegetarian, nutritarian, WFPB etc.)

  • With additional dietary needs such as gluten-free, oil-free, onion and garlic-free, refined sugar-free etc.

  • For people who have ventured into transitioning their diet and feel like they need more guidance

  • For parents concerned about their veg*n children

  • For partners and spouses wanting to learn how to cook for their significant other

  • For those wanting more meal ideas

  • For those wanting more ingredient and shopping ideas

  • For those seeking healthier options

H O W  I  A S S I S T . . . 

I offer the following...

Help with planning what to eat at meals

Providing healthy recipes and health information resources

Shopping tour assistance for veg*n ingredients and products

                                  Ways to increase the health of your existing diet such as alternative 
                                   ingredients and cooking methods

                                                           Coaching services as needed around implementing
                                                                    the veg*n diet, help with food cravings,
                                                                   navigating social and family aspects of the
                                                                                  veg*n diet etc.


Grocery shopping assistance 

Nutritional information

Help with reading and understanding of food labels

I provide a safe and confidential space where you can speak about any concerns that you have and share any difficulties that you may be experiencing

For businesses releasing products into the market, I provide consultation on products and ingredients.

And more...

M Y   E X P E R I E N C E . . .

I am an Accredited Naturopath with experience in teaching plant-based cooking classes, delivering plant-based nutrition workshops and teaching content to Naturopathy and Nutrition Advanced Diploma students.

My journey into the plant-based eating began as a 15-year-old. As I watched footage on the news of our drought-stricken land in Australia, I had a light bulb moment. I realised that the clearing of our land for livestock agriculture affected our environment and our climate, and led to major issues in animal welfare.


So I stopped eating meat. I was the only person in my family to do so at the time. As I researched more, I learned about how livestock production is the top contributor to climate change, perpetuates food shortages globally (especially in developing / low socio-economic countries), and perpetuates and institutionalises cruelty to humans working in the livestock industry as well as the animals. Thus, as a result of my research, I adopted a vegan diet.

As I studied Naturopathy and Nutrition I researched the health advantages of the whole food plant-based diet - there are so many health advantages! I learned that there is a highly educated group of health professionals ranging from Doctors, Naturopaths, Cardiologists, Psychologists etc. who believe, based on the evidence at hand, that physiologically, we are in fact herbivores. I have watched as more and more research and information has come available to support the health benefits and the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet.

I love the lifestyle that I choose to lead - from a health perspective, an ecological perspective, a compassionate perspective, an ethical perspective and a humanitarian perspective. It brings me such joy! I also know the challenges that individuals may face as they adopt a veg*n lifestyle. And so it is my absolute pleasure to be a resource for those who are making the change to this lifestyle.

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