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Stop Spiralling Down the Distraction Whirlpool 

Before you read any further, stop for a moment. Close your eyes and take 3 deep, long breaths in and out. It's not a gimmick! Try it.

These precious moments are "Me Time." Time to recharge, relax and invigorate. We all need to take some Me Time- so please do!
Below are some ways that you can spoil yourself, including a delicious recipe that you can make to indulge...
A-Cold-Winter-Morning-Mist wallpaper.jpg
There is a certain beauty that comes with Winter! But it can leave you feeling cold and craving sunshine and feeling a bit overwhelmed with life. If this is how you are feeling, there are things that you can do to restore the sunshine within you again!
Let's start with diet. Did you know that researchers have found that the more fruit
vegetables people eat the better their mental well-being? ...

I can't begin to describe to you the effect that nature has on my body, my mood and my spirit. Whether I am calmed by watching the trees dance with the breeze, or feeling the elation of running free in the park on a rainy day with my dogs by my side, or discovering an amazing flower while I walk or catching sight of a beautiful butterfly fluttering in the air - something inside me feels and reacts to the beauty surrounding me...

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