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I am a Senior Power Coach, and I use an extraordinary method of coaching called Power Coaching® with Mind Kinetics® (PCMK™). This has been a revolution for me and for the people who I have worked with. I am the only PCMK™ practitioner in Australia.

PCMK™ is a highly specialised coaching method with many significant advantages. Using this technique makes it quicker and easier to get to the root causes of our challenges, and to devise solutions using pentalateral thinking. The sophisticated tools used in symphony in a PCMK™ session allows us to not only overcome our challenges but to thrive. 

Most people are overcome by the profound sense of peace that they feel at the end of a session. It is truly unique.


Using PCMK™ techniques enables people to achieve clarity. It helps us to become aware of our conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Conscious thoughts are those that we are aware of and subconscious thoughts and feelings are those that we are not aware of.


Why is this important? Many experts believe that our subconscious mind is the most powerful driver in our lives! 


Dr Bruce Lipton has stated that “95% to 99% of our daily behaviours are operated by our unconscious mind” and “Our subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind.” 


Kinetics refers to a branch of science that deals with changes in a physical or chemical system. PCMK™ is designed to facilitate positive changes right down to the cellular level! And I have been trained to be aware of when these shifts take place within clients.



The late Dr Candace Pert, Author of the book Molecules of Emotion, wrote:


“…if our emotions are blocked due to denial, repression, or trauma, then blood flow can become chronically constricted, depriving the frontal cortex, as well as other organs, of vital nourishment. This can leave you foggy and less alert, limited in your awareness… As a result you may become stuck – unable to respond freshly to the world around you, repeating old patterns of behaviour… By learning to bring your awareness to past experiences and conditioning – memories stored in the very receptors of your cells – you can release yourself from these blocks, this “stuckness”.


Using PCMK™ I have been trained to help release people from this stuckness so that they can be happier, achieve their goals, live with a sense of purpose, develop peace in their hearts and minds, overcome stress, overcome limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour.

"My consultations with Eve brought me more clarity and greater determination. Apart from the skills Eve has developed as a natural health practitioner over the years, there is something special about Eve's ability to bring out the best in people. Eve is a natural leader. She will lead you through your session with a deep sense of calm, confidence and intelligence and you will take that energy away with you, to your benefit. If you're looking for insight, a clearer direction in life and want to break down the walls that are holding you back, book in with Eve without hesitation. She will gently, but powerfully guide you in a beneficial direction."
                                                               - Kathy, Sydney
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