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Create Moments of Calm...

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Create Moments of Calm Book

Create Moments of Calm

A beautiful book that will inspire you to create moments of calm.  
Empower yourself with calm.
Inspire those around you.
Live each day with more peace, clarity and purpose!

R E A D E R   R E V I E W S
"This is exquisite. So wonderful. So special.

I travelled to the clouds, and stayed there, as the bliss filled me up, I laughed and rejoiced with the grass, carefree. Became one with the sun, and allowed it to flow into me.... 

This one comes on my Gratitude list, and I suspect, stays there for a long time.

And then, to honor you and your contribution -  such character and heart...

Thank you for this gift. Its timing, intensity and impact carry for me a significance much beyond its pages. "
                                                   - Kanwaldeep, India

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