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Group Coaching

Group Coaching 

People everywhere are under stress. And with the rising cost of living, people are not prioritizing their mental health. Here's where coaching club comes in! 

I am now providing group coaching services for groups of up to 8 people. The coaching sessions are at a very low cost, so you can spoil yourself while on a budget and improve your mental and emotional health.

In the group coaching session you can work on your goal or challenge and keep your goal or challenge private if you wish, while still benefiting from my coaching. 


Coaching sessions take place via Zoom. You won't need to share your video.

It's that easy!

To register your interest or to organize some group coaching sessions in your workplace, for your family, or for your friends, please email me. Groups will be conducted with 4 to 8 registered people.

"My consultations with Eve brought me more clarity and greater determination. Apart from the skills Eve has developed as a natural health practitioner over the years, there is something special about Eve's ability to bring out the best in people. Eve is a natural leader. She will lead you through your session with a deep sense of calm, confidence and intelligence and you will take that energy away with you, to your benefit. If you're looking for insight, a clearer direction in life and want to break down the walls that are holding you back, book in with Eve without hesitation. She will gently, but powerfully guide you in a beneficial direction."
                                                               - Kathy, Sydney
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