Humanistic Counselling

I use a humanistic approach to counselling. This approach has an emphasis on unconditional acceptance by the counsellor. This means that people can openly express themselves in a compassionate, understanding and gentle space. Hence, with a safe space of mutual respect, we can work to overcome challenges and achieve goals including understanding one's emotions, self-growth, identifying and utilising personal strengths, developing more creativity etc. People can explore their own unique abilities and potential.


I tailor each session to each particular client, while always focussed on the best outcomes for the client in terms of his or her goals and challenges. 

I have a person-centred approach, meaning that I respect, honour and value each client and their experiences, thoughts and beliefs. When requested, I help people to discover inner solutions to whatever is challenging them. People experience improved self-esteem, greater self-appreciation, a deeper understanding of their emotions, greater self-awareness, increased self-compassion etc. 

Why do people book counselling sessions?

For many reasons including:

Relationship difficulties (romantic relationships and family tensions especially)

Juggling the stress of every day living during Covid

Work stress

Stress of caring for elderly parents

Addressing anxiety

Concerning health problems

To help achieve goals

To gain clarity and make decisions (I guide people to find answers within)

To address emotional upheavals that they are experiencing

Support work for building capacity for social participation

"My consultations with Eve brought me more clarity and greater determination. Apart from the skills Eve has developed as a natural health practitioner over the years, there is something special about Eve's ability to bring out the best in people. Eve is a natural leader. She will lead you through your session with a deep sense of calm, confidence and intelligence and you will take that energy away with you, to your benefit. If you're looking for insight, a clearer direction in life and want to break down the walls that are holding you back, book in with Eve without hesitation. She will gently, but powerfully guide you in a beneficial direction."
                                                               - Kathy, Sydney
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